The personal bookmarking system works using your ip. Nearly everybody in the world has a static ip, but some people do not. In which case, personal bookmarks will not work for you. However, you can still contribute to the community and share some cool shit.

Q. Can anybody using this website see my personal bookmarks?
A. No.

Q. If I share a bookmark, would anybody know it was me?
A. No.

Q. How long does it take for my shared bookmarks to appear on the homepage?
A. Depends on how busy the moderators are. It may be the case that your bookmark never gets on the main page. There are a couple of reasons why that might happen.

  • Your bookmark may be unsuitable for our audience.
  • You probably forgot to click the share button when adding your bookmark.
  • You added your bookmark to the wrong category.
  • The moderator might suspect a webmaster is spamming.

Q. What if I forgot to click the share box or selected the wrong category when adding my bookmark?
A. Tough luck buddy. Just delete it, then add it again. Same applies if you accidently shared a bookmark.

Q. What happens when I delete a shared bookmark?
A. It's gone forever. It drops off the main pages too.

Q. Do you keep a record of deleted bookmarks?
A. No.

Q. WTF, my bookmarks have disappeared!
A. Reasons why this might happen are:

  • Your ip address has changed or is not static.
  • You are using a proxy service.
  • You might be using a different wifi service.
  • The database was trashed and we had to start again.